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Camping branding design

Minimalist Family Camping


Minimalist Family camping started as an experiment which became a blog, exploring ways to get families outdoors quickly and easily with minimum stuff and stress.

Branding design: client brief 

The client needed a brand to reflect the calmness of minimalism but also the chaos of family life and wild excitement of the great outdoors, to include a logo, website, book cover, facebook ads and instagram feed.

Branding design: What we did 

Working with illustrator Sophie Selcoe for the book cover image, Goldust Design then created a simple lettering style, wrote slogans, designed social media icons and graphics, instagram magazines and created the blog . Built using Wix, the website grew from a simple blog to include additional pages with audio clips from radio interviews, book purchase links and a subscriber form, used to automatically send a pdf packing list to subscribers .

Branding design: Social media

The instagram page had a great response, and quickly gained a following of parents all over the world, hiking with kids in Canada, camping in Sweden and 'vancationers' in California. With a lively design and colourful nature photography the instagram feed developed a strong style which appealed to families.

Branding design: Client testimonial

“The brand was perfect and the marketing materials helped get the book featured on BBC Radio 4's Woman’s Hour, which was amazing for sales and exposure.”


Briony, Minimalist Family Camping

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