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Boom! It's the Bournemouth Writing Festival!

I'm delighted to be involved with the Bournemouth Writing Festival, a fabulous 3-day festival with talks, workshops, socials and events which draw the very best writers and creative people away from their desks to meet in real life (yes, actually meet!).

I connected with so many brilliant talented people last year I literally can’t wait to do it all again. If you’re looking for new writers, or advice on how to be one... look here!

As a publishing industry professional, I’ve designed hundreds of books in my career, collaborating with authors, editors, publishers… and I have realised that what we really do is more than ink on paper/screen. Of course, as a team we are focused on making sure the book looks great, attracts the right readers, has no errors (hopefully!) and is profitable, but the broader perspective is that we create lovely objects and experiences which last for years, touching lives and bringing comfort, inspiration, knowledge and joy to thousands of readers. There is such a legacy to creating a book. Posters last for weeks, logos for years but books can last for generations.

I’ll be speaking on the Sunday afternoon about how to design amazing book covers for selling online. Tickets available!

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