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We really enjoy being designers and still love creating design for print. Its hugely rewarding to see how our work can benefit other people and organisations. Graphic design is about creating visual messages and the more effective those communications in getting their message across the more likely the end user is to change their behaviour. That may be buying a book, donating to charity, choosing a university, or helping someone in need. All these actions have a ripple effect, altering lives in small but significant ways, raising money to fund historic institutions and also keep our authors writing. We love it.


Design for publishers

We spend alot of our time designing illustrated books and book covers for publishers. After nearly 20 years in the industry we have a sharp eye for detail and fully understand how to design books beautifully and efficiently, plus how to work remotely with other freelancers and in-house teams. Our work for publishers includes:


  • illustrated books

  • blads and presentations

  • book covers

  • text designs and typesetting

  • catalogues and marketing materials

  • magazines


Design for self-publishers

Working directly with self-published authors is exhilarating and we feel very involved in their projects. We want them to do well! Writing a book is such an emotional journey, its a thrill to be part of it.


Design for museums, galleries and heritage attractions

We're fascinated by how visitors interact with architectural spaces and how design can help them not just find their way but add a touch of magic to their experience. From choosing paint colours for gallery walls, to designing exhibition posters, social media images, maps and and signs, its an area we are passionate about.

We have the honour of designing items for the Royal Collection and are delighted to spot these in royal gift shops at palaces and castles across Britain.

Design for charities, universities and businesses

Over the years we've designed print for all sorts of other organisations including charities, universities, restaurants and small businesses.

If your business needs to look elegant, contemporary, professional, luxurious or chic we can help!




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