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Book design for Orion Books


The Orion Publishing Group is one of the UK’s leading book publishers, generating a range of fiction and non-fiction titles including wellbeing and health books written by passionate celebrities and world-renowned experts.

Book design: The client brief 

Orion has worked with Goldust Design on many projects over the years.  The briefs range from creating elegant typographic designs and typesetting books, to inventing book design styles for new series such as the Olive cookery books, and working with celebrity brands including Celebrity Juice, Fearne Cotton and Kristen Stewart.


Here are just a few of our favourite book design projects we have designed for Orion Publishing.


Book Design: Cook. Eat. Love.

by Fearne Cotton


Book design: what we did

This cookery book by celebrity DJ and TV presenter Fearne Cotton presents a selection of her favourite healthy and delicious family recipes. Using the gorgeous drawings and stylish photographs provided of the food and Fearne, with a style provided by Orion’s in-house team, Goldust Design laid out all 224 pages, creating a friendly, vibrant and easy-to-follow book for busy parents.

Book Design: The Art of Urban Astronomy


Book design: the brief

The publisher described the book as 'a beautiful practical guide to astronomy' and requested a light and airy design with varied use of illustrations throughout. Lots of white space and cunning use of the second colour.

Book design: what we did

Goldust Design created a spacious, vibrant style then laid out the whole book, choosing simple chic typography and a range of illustrations to decorate the pages, creating this elegant and accessible 2-colour book.

Book Design: Olive Cookery Books


Book design: what we did

Olive is an award-winning food magazine and this was their first cookery book series. Using the magazine design as inspiration, Goldust Design created a complete book design series style including a vibrant colour palette to complement the contemporary food photography and link each title in the series. We then laid out all six cookery books from cover to cover. The main challenge was that looking at food photography all day makes us hungry!

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