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Book design for The Royal Collection


The Royal Collection is one of the largest and most widely distributed art collections in the world. Running to more than a million objects, it is a unique and valuable record of the personal tastes of kings and queens over the past 500 years. Publications from the Royal Collection are inspired to inform, delight and engage with literature focusing on the Royal residences, artwork in the collection and the British Royal Monarchy.


Goldust Design has had the honour of designing several books for The Royal Collection, creating book designs which are elegant, luxurious and grand. Our page layouts and typography provide a gentle, spacious framework to display the incredible images, and the book cover design fits beautifully amongst other retail products within the prestigious palace gift shops.


A Royal Cookbook: Seasonal Recipes from Buckingham Palace


Goldust Design was asked to create a cookery book design to compliment the beautiful photographs of recipes and table settings inside the royal palaces. This is the first cookbook to have been created from within the Royal Household, featuring a selection of the authentic menus prepared and served for guests of Her Majesty The Queen.


Book design: what we did

After consultation with the publisher and authors Mark Flanagan, Royal Chef to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and Edward Griffiths, Deputy Master of the Royal Household, we created an elegant book design using a gentle colour palette, elegant fonts and decorative elements to display the recipes and historical sections at their very best. The book cover design complimented the ‘Coat of Arms’ retail range at Buckingham Palace shop which included bone china and biscuit tins.

Windsor Castle: An Illustrated History by Pamela Hartshorne


Goldust Design was asked to create a light and engaging book design to take readers on a captivating visual journey through the castle and its history alongside fascinating text. Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, and this popular history explains how it has survived and evolved to remain the premier royal residence of Her Majesty The Queen to this day.


Book design: what we did

With so many spectacular paintings, drawings and photographs to choose from, we worked with the editor, author and picture researchers at Windsor Castle to find the balance between illustrating the story and creating visual impact.

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