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Book Design for Pavilion Books

Various titles

Working with Pavilion Books’ in-house design team we have laid out piles of books for them. From cookery books to gift books, gardening, fashion and culture, we handle every step from the InDesign templates provided to preparing final artwork. We must have laid out  several thousand pages for Pavilion over the years and love their vibrant colourful style.

Book design: what we did

Pavilion's book designs tend to be bright, lively and decorative, so are fun to design. We have worked on a few books for TV shows with them. Created in top secret, while episodes were still being filmed by the BBC, and long before the shows aired, it was great to be part of these huge creative projects.

Other brands we have collaborated on with Pavilion are Phantom of the Opera, the National Trust (50 Things series for children) and cookery books for several fantastic restaurants. Gazing at food photography all day makes us hungry!

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