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Display case interpretation design

A to Z of the Russell Cotes


This permanent exhibition in a small bedroom at this historic victorian ‘villa by the sea’ features two large glass display cases which needed to be redeveloped to encourage visitor engagement.

Museum interpretation design: client brief 

The small space was reimagined by the curator with an engaging display of items and Goldust Design was asked to help with interpretation design. This permanent exhibition in a small room at the museum features 26 objects which tell the story of this beautiful Victorian house. Who lived here, why did they build the house and what was it used for?

Colour scheme and display ideas
Choosing greens for display cabinet
Captions in situ
F&B's Ball Green for the walls

Museum interpretation design: What we did

We helped source a wooden alphabet and used our paint colour consultancy skills to choose a new colour for the cabinets to harmonise with the rich Victorian palette in the rest of the house. The room is called ‘the Green Room’, so we knew it needed to be green!


After contemplating the position of the objects, the shape of the cabinets and position of the viewer, we suggested long caption panels to run across the foot of each museum display case, with captions neatly running in a line, as they moved through the alphabet. We also added hanging interpretation panels to invite visitors into the room.


The new design has helped integrate the bedroom with the rest of the house and creates an inviting and engaging space for visitors to explore.

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